Define of Algorithm

The History of Algorithm

Historians of mathematics in the world have agreed that the word "algorithm"is derived from the word "algorithm / algorism" from the author of the famous Arab named Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khuwarizmi (read by Westerners become algorism). He wrote a book called Kitab al jabar wal-muqobala which means "The book about the restoration and reduction" (The book of restoration and reduction). From this book also obtained the word "algebra / algebra", later adapted in the Indonesian language, the word algorithm is absorbed into the algorithm.

In 1950, said algorithms are often associated with "Euclidean algorithm" (Euclid's algorithm), which is a process to find the greatest common divisor of two integers. C + + more to answer the questions above are as follows:

The algorithm is a sequence of logical steps in solving problems systematically arranged. While definitions algorithm according to Big Indonesian Dictionary (1988), is a sequence of decision-making for solving problems

For example below is given Algorithm for Rate-making vessel contents.

Given two vessels A and B, A vessel containing a red liquid while the vessel B contains a blue liquid. Interchange the contents of the two vessels was such that the vessel A contains a blue liquid and liquid-filled vessel B into the red. The concept of such exchanges needed additional vessel is the vessel C which is used as a temporary storage place for the exchange process occurs.


1. Pour the liquid from the vessel A into the vessel C, so A becomes an empty vessel

2. Pour the liquid from the vessel B into the vessel A, so B becomes an empty vessel

3. Pour the liquid from the vessel C into the vessel B, so that the exchange has occurred and the vessel returned empty C


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